Task management in space and time
– clear, simple, confident –

The GeoTask™ System manages objects in space and time, tailored to your needs.
You can easily link project-related and recurring tasks to the objects concerned, for example for planning, construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructures.

Upcoming tasks are visible for each member of the team, and are assigned, carried out and reported with ease.
This creates transparency and a smooth flow of information.
Documents, photos and web links are just as easy to connect with your objects as measurement data from observations and sensors.

Whether environmental resource or infrastructure, with the GeoTask™ System you can find all information interconnected from one source.
With the collected data in space and time, scenarios can be calculated with which you can make competent decisions and plan reliably.

The GeoTask™ System gives you an overview of your complex distributed tasks, their status, costs, risks and benefits.
In this way, you get a grip on your daily business and actively shape the future.
The GeoTask™ System for competent, transparent and effective cooperation.


GeoTask™ System        
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