GeoTask™ System for Agriculture and Forestry

One Information System for all your Forestry Tasks

Forestry and agriculture bear a great responsibility for our natural resources.
Their activity affects large parts of our land and takes place in very long cycles.
Forest planning, timber harvesting, forest logistics and bark beetle control are all tasks in the geographical area, i.e . Ā«GeoTasksĀ».
The GeoTask™ System was made exactly for this. It allows you to manage your tasks in no time at all.

The GeoTask™ System offers all tools for the long-term management of forestry data for planning, management and maintenance, forestry equipment allocation, journalling, calculation of area contributions, etc.
With the mobile GeoTask™ System you can take your high-precision maps and aerial photographs with you into the field, even without a mobile phone network. You can record data directly on site and transfer them to the database server at a push of a button as soon as network reception is available.

Mobile game observation

The gamekeeper of Liechtenstein visits his hunting district almost every second day. He notes his game observations on his tablet. High-resolution maps and aerial photographs are at his disposal, even in the most remote mountain valleys of the country.
Based on the game observations, the wildlife biologist calculates population densities and determines the shooting quotas. Now the hunters should also meet these quotas in order to reduce the sometimes massive browsing damage in the protection forest.

The GeoTask™ System is generic, i.e. you determine the structure of your geographical and measurement data. For mobile data acquisition, your data structure is transferred to an Android app. With a sophisticated offline system you always have your plans and aerial photographs with you and can record precise field data.


Online Subsidies in Agriculture

The GeoTask™ System has been designed for collaboration right from the start. Agricultural authorities can make the GeoTask™ System available to all farmers via the Internet.
Using simple drawing functions, they enter land use and ecological compensation measures directly on the map or aerial photograph.
This saves enormous amounts of time for all parties involved and avoids errors.

A sophisticated user management system allows each farm to plan on its own freely defined areas and keep a diary of the management measures.
Measured data such as GPS-located harvest quantities can be uploaded to the GeoTask™ System and evaluated over the years.
Only this way, accountability and control of success for agricultural management can be achieved

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